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Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Websites

Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Websites

Websites, and the credibility they bring to your business. I own a web and graphic, designing firm call revolepic, we also do internet marketing and SEO works for our clients. Many people don’t understand the importance a website. First all a website can do more then displaying you contact information. For a example if you a doctor can set you website to get make appointment, blog (very important for SEO) interaction with your patience or client . Plus let not forget that may search engines will not list you business unless you own a domain, heck many company such as CRM, lender, ect.
That’s why at Revolepic we are dedicated on educating our customers on 21st century marketing.

5 Reasons Why Most Business Marketing Fail

5 Reasons Why Most Business Marketing Fail

New businesses pop out like mushrooms after the rain, and unfortunately, disappear with the same speed. Why is it that so many startups today never get lifted off the ground, and fail even at the first stages of forming their businesses. Today, we have gathered 5 of the most popular pitfalls and mistakes entrepreneurs make, that result in business failure. We hope you will find these useful and perhaps will be able to avoid these common mistakes.

1. Poor Business Plan. Business today is a very complex “living organism”. A lot of components are required to guarantee success, and if you, as a business owner, didn’t plan everything, or at least most of the business strategy in advance, your plans could be doomed.
2. Lack of Website. If you run an offline business, such as advertising agency, for instance, you may think that offline promoting and marketing would be sufficient, however, in today’s world, going on without a solid online presence is not really savvy.
3. No Mailing Strategy. Whether you reach your customers by phone, email or old-fashioned snail mail, you need to have a thought-through marketing strategy for reaching out to your customers on a regular basis and reminding them about your business.
4. Lack of Value. Starting a business just for the sake of money, without aiming to provide your customers with real value or a useful service, is another common reason why most business plans fail.
5. No Leadership. Every organization must have a hierarchy of leadership, where tasks are are delegated from the top to the bottom. Without having a well-planned leadership, where every employee knows whose orders to take, the business may fall into chaos and consequently fall apart.

So these are the most common reasons, why marketing efforts of a seemingly successful and prosperous business may never come to fruition. Hope you found this informative, and please do share in the comments section your experience with marketing and business mistakes.

Microsoft Outlook Update

The new Microsoft outlook app just released today on iOS let you do more then read and respond to your email it take on accomplish design. Microsoft acquired late last year the app also integrate well with services like google drive and much more. I come with a full on calendar and contacts and Onedrive. After trying the apple for only a few minutes I can easily say Microsoft new consumer…


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